Index of Russian Regions E-readiness

The Composite Index of Russian Regions E-readiness is published by the Institute of the Information Society since 2005. The Index measures the degree of preparedness of the Russian Regions to the widespread use of ICT for socio-economic development. It is calculated on the basis of indicators characterizing the factors of the Information Society Development (human capital, economic environment and ICT infrastructure), as well as the use of ICT in the six areas (state and municipal administration, education, health, business, culture and households). To calculate the Index and its components 77 indicators are used. They include the key indicators of access and use of ICT, recommended by international organizations. The Index measures the difference between the regions of the Russian Federation on integral indices of the Information Development.

Purpose of the Index

Since its introduction Index has become an important information and analytical tool to develop, implement and adjust policies of the Information Society Development at the regional level. The Index makes it possible to assess the current situation, identify the most problematic areas in terms of the digital divide, to define backlog areas and obstacles to the development of the Information Society in the Russian Regions. State authorities of the Russian Federation use the Index data for a comparative assessment of the ICT use in the region and formulation of further development goals.

Presentation of the Index on the website "E-readiness of Russian Regions”

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Индекс готовности регионов России к информационному обществу 2010-2011

On this website you can get acquainted with all publications of the Index, view rankings of the regions of the Russian Federation with Index values and its constituent integral indices for all years of issue, get tables with profiles for each region of the Russian Federation, where both ranks of the regions, indicators and composite index values for each region are provided. Proposed database is a unique resource containing indicators of the Information Society Development in the Russian regions, most of which are not available from the other sources. Dedicated use of international statistical standards and recommendations when calculating indicators, on which the Index is based, allows making international comparisons of the situation in the Russian regions with the situation in other countries.